Manon Daviet

Trained in space design and fashion and environment at the Duperré school in Paris, Manon Daviet is a textile artist based in Paris who creates art tapestries. Drawing her inspirations in very different fields such as her native Haute-Savoie, her memories and travel fantasies or even in her library full of vintage books with very eclectic themes; she aims to highlight in her art works the beauty and mysticism of nature. Her graphic style is characterized by the use of colors with vibrant hues as well as by research into the synthesis of forms. The richness of fauna and flora, the immortality of the rock, the rustic of agriculture and still lifes, the mystery of history, the poetry of archeology, the importance of water, the fragility of life and the vertigo of death constitute so many themes that she evokes in her works. Using various textile techniques such as knitting, embroidery and tufting, she transposes her drawings into tapestries, thus creating “volume paintings”. By creating various textures, relief and different plans, her concept is “to breathe life into the painting in order to be able to project yourself at best.”

Manon Daviet’s Knitted Landscapes

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Manon Daviet 
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