Liu Chien-Kuang

Born (°1988) in Taiwan , lives in Sweden

Liu Chien-Kuang born 1988 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. As a glass designer and maker, he has been greatly influenced by many different cultures and glass-making techniques today. Since he graduated from the National Taiwan University of Education Art and Design, he had been to Japan, Denmark, Sweden, and China, to cooperate with talented glass artists and studios. His goal is to explore a new phase of glass-making, by combining old techniques with new knowledge. Also, he challenges to create novel expressions of the glass itself. Liu Chien-Kuang decided to become an independent Artist during studying at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Bornholm design school. During his time of study in Denmark, he was interested in traditional glass-making knowledge and use them with his own cultural experience in his sculpture. He starts to focus on using material glass to create objects to reflect his cultural background such as paper and wood, two materials that have been a part of his life since his childhood. He found the harmony to combine wood structures with blown glass objects. Liu Chien-Kuang also did his practice in master’s program at Konstfack, Stockholm. He strengthens his work with material culture and post-colonial theory and tries to question the position of the museum, audience, and artists in the Morden society. He wins the Swedish Freemasonry art and culture scholarship after graduating from Konstfack. Currently, he is based in Gustavsberg, Sweden continuing his practice and experiencing Swedish culture. He likes to study historical museum glass collections to learn the forgotten technique and untold stories and reinvent his story through his material universe.

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