Lisa Hellrup

Born (°1977) and lives in Sweden

Lisa Hellrup works from her studio in the heart of Dalecarlia, Leksand, Sweden. Materials from her garden are essential as the cycle of nature is the core of her work. The power of a small seed, the desire to become more, to follow a form, to see something grow, the striving towards the light. But to then finally give in when the power wears off and fall down and die. Back in the darkness of the soil, at rest to nourish and let something new take place. This is how she lets her own work develop. A form that is critically examined to give life to a new form. Gather strength to start over, looking back at what could be done differently. She sketches directly in the clay. Emotions affect her process. Her eyes and hands build organic forms – a powerful dialogue between light and dark, volume and tactility. She combines the stable with the fragile as she works sculpturally in the strong black stoneware clay and the white capricious Lisa Hellrup (SE) Artist, ceramist Lisa Hellrup porcelain. Lisa has previously exhibited in the USA, the Middle East, UK and Sweden and is now conducting experiments with porcelain and fiber glass. Spazio Nobile is representing Lisa Hellrup since 2022.

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