Éva Le Roi

Éva Le Roi (born in 1987 in Caen) is a freelance artist and illustrator based in Brussels. She studied illustration at the École Estienne in Paris and at the École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg. She explores the relationship between built structures and their environment through the specificities of hand drawing. Since 2010 she has been collaborating with architectural firms such as XDGA, 51N4E and the CUA on exhibitions, competitions and institutional events, also illustrating editorial projects (OASE #90, Accattone #6). She has participated three times in the Venice Biennale of Architecture: in 2012 she collaborated in the POST-CITY project in the Luxembourg pavilion; in 2014 she contributed to the Architecture of Fulfilment project, exhibited in the main Monditalia section; in 2018 she exhibited a selection of her works in the Japanese pavilion. She teaches architectural representation at the master’s level at the UCL, Faculty of Architecture. “Before launching into the physical drawing process, I need to let the project ripen and, sometimes, take a few liberties with reality. The time I give myself before picking up my pen is indispensable. What follows is almost a form of meditation. The idea of breathing is also very important. With this type of drawing, there is no room for error. This artisanal approach to drawing fits me perfectly. I like to think that my works are suspended, in an almost timeless way.” Le Roi’s open and artisanal drawing attracts not only architectural agencies, but also the curators of international festivals.

Éva Le Roi: Another Way to Draw the City


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