Fenna van der Klei

Born in NL, lives in Rotterdam

Fenna van der Klei is an artistic studio for textile and product design, offering limited editions for the spaces that house us. The studio is based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Paying homage to the rich textile history of her homeland, Fenna van der Klei works with traditional techniques that she brings into the present by bold graphic patterns, modern colours and contemporary finishes. For our first collaboration during Collectible 2024, Fenna van der Klei will present her Pleated Partition Screen in which vibrant colours appear soft and domestic, yet shimmery as the facets of a gem. She presents a sculptural room divider, made entirely out of textile, combining uncompromised craftsmanship with cutting edge techniques. For centuries, soft textile has been the defining material to add warmth, comfort and lightness to a space. But as textile is often assembled in products in ways that disregard our environment, it remains a labour and resource intensive material with a short use cycle. The textile partition screen showcases a pioneering approach: textile is stiffened without binders, adhesives or hard materials. Traditional pleating techniques are reimagined, revealing new opportunities – introducing a circular, fully textile room divider. The Pleated Partition Screen is a handmade product, produced by expert craftsmen in limited quantities.

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