Spazio Nobile Studiolo, Interlude, Group Exhibition

Spazio Nobile Studiolo

Interlude, until September, 3rd 2023 with Finissage Sunday Brunch, 12-18.00

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Bela Silva, Parlare d’Amore, Acrylic, Gouache, Indian ink on paper & Sens-tu que je suis là?, glazed ceramic sculpture – Florence Coenraets, Haikus, Feather paintings – Marie Corbin, Vases Calme – Kaspar Hamacher, Der Stein Black – Garnier & Linker, Diatomée Cobalt Blue

Kiki van Eijk, Textile Sketch, Rusty, wall tapestry – Quentin Vuong, Mercure mirror with white golden leaf – Philipp Weber, Filigree lighting pendants – Pao Hui Kao, Red Urushi Paper Pleats Collection, tracing paper, rice glue and Urushi lacquer

The gallery is closed for Summer Holidays from July, 21st until August, 21st

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