Spazio Nobile Edition: A Retrospective 2023 – Exhibitions Calendar 2024

A Retrospective 2023 & Exhibitions Calendar 2024
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TLmag 39- The Culture of the Object
15th Anniversary Edition

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On the covers:

— Bijoy Jain, Sun Tower, Cow dung layer on woven bamboo mat, painted with lime. Line drawing made with orange ferrous oxide pigment drawn using a silk thread. Sculptural elements made of stone, cow dung and lime. Photo by Neville Sukhia , courtesy of Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain — Pao Hui Kao, Paper Pleats, 2023, Tracing paper, rice glue, Urushi lacquer, red pigment. Photo by Studio Mass, Courtesy of Spazio Nobile  — Aldo Bakker, B (Urushi), 2019, Urushi, Ishimeji Maki. Production: Rutger Graas & Sergej Kirilov. Photo by Matt Harrington, Courtesy of Carpenters Workshop  — Ernst Gamperl, 44/2022//300, 2022, Turned oak wood and butterfly keys, unique piece, signed and dated by the artist, Houghton Oak Project, Courtesy of the Artist & Anthony Slayter-Ralph


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