Untitled [smoke]

by Jacqueline Surdell
  SALON - NY 2023
  SALON - NY 2023

Wall Installation
Nylon cord, cotton cord, steel
180 x 84 cm / 71 x 33 in
Unique piece

Untitled Series employs cotton cords of varying sizes and consistencies, woven and tied together with distinct rectangular configurations. The suppleness and porousness of the cotton rope is self consciously without form or saturated color – an anti- painting. With these works Surdell reimagines the woven canvas as a space of undulation and growth — employing my body as a weaving shuttle, and my hand as brushstroke.

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About the artist

Jacqueline Surdell

Jacqueline Surdell was born and raised in Chicago, IL. She received her MFA in Fibre and Material Studies from the […]

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