NO CHINA – Piet Stockmans

by Piet Stockmans

Piet Stockmans
NO CHINA, Artbook, p288
07/09/2018, Hardcover
200 x 260 mm
Publisher: Borgerho & Lamberigts

Pictures by Margaux Nieto

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Blauw. Ceci n’est pas une couleur

Preparing for the opening of their duo show at Spazio Nobile, Piet Stockmans and Frederik Vercruysse discuss their treatment of light and colour

Season VI – Blauw. Ceci n’est pas une couleur

Piet Stockmans and Frederik Vercruysse converse around the theme Blauw. Ceci n’est pas une couleur. Stockmans, master of porcelain and inventor of his famous Stockmansblauw, and Vercruysse, talented architecture and interior design photographer, inhabit the space through artistic installations and tactile and visual assemblages.

Stockmans Piet

Born in Leopoldsburg (Belgium) in 1940, Piet Stockmans this year celebrates the 30th anniversary of his studio. Living on the site of Genk’s C-Mine, his career fluctuates between art, the applied arts and industrial design.