by Ann Beate Tempelhaug

Ceramic wall installation
Stoneware porcelain, glaze
182 x 111 x 15 cm
Unique piece signed by the artist on the back of the ceramic

Milonga evokes the composition by Ástor Piazzolla that forms part of the second movement of the Angel Suite (Milonga del Angel). Tempelhaug, who has a particular affection for the music of this composer, uses a palette of warm colours such as yellow and orange to depict the metaphor of a duo of dancers twirling on this two-beat tango originating from Argentina and Uruguay. Feeling like a call from the South, this work in crescendo underlines the duality between two bodies, the artist and her brush, the search for new and unexplored colours with fire, a tango that can also be experienced as a psychic state of mind. As the artist puts it: “Tango is a dance that can be danced by two people, but it can also be danced from within, in the very act of painting, with oneself facing the work in motion. Milonga evokes for me the golden lights of northern Norway, the yellow flowers in the fields, the dream of seeing poppies bloom”.


About the artist

Ann Beate Tempelhaug

Ann Beate Tempelhaug was born in Mosjøen in northern Norway. She graduated from the BergenSchool of Art and Crafts, and […]

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