Left Glass

by Carlo Brandelli

Sculpted and polished crystal.



“The Island of Murano in Venice is a Unique Place. Located in the lagoon surrounded and shaped by the marine coloured sea, sits an endless supply of sand (glass’s primary ingredient). Glass in all of its ways, shapes and forms life – a ‘still movement.

I would arrive to the island always by sea to abandoned glass deposits where I found this unwanted ‘left glass’, large blocks of pulled crustal poured decades ago. Over time, the sunlight had bathed to give the glass this very distinctive aqua marine hue, a colour which can only be achieved through exposure to daylight, the sea moisture in the air, ad time. This unwanted glass is shunned by its craftsman, as the glass cannot be reheated or given traditional vibrant colour through minerals. It was seen as surplus material, although it has taken a minimum of several decades to naturally aqua – marina tint this glass.

I began to experiment to understand if this ‘left glass’ could be used as a raw material to schulpt from ‘cold, the way in which you could sculpt from other minerals such as stone or marble – challenging the traditional way in which Murano had predominantly worked previously – either blowing or pulling glass with head processes. After much resistance from the artisans who where concerned that sculpting glass would be impossible due to fracture, I found a way to new abstract shapes by using several machines and processes, carve, mill, sand texture and polish this found glass into new sculptural forms. The shapes that ‘came’ were strangely reminiscent of the natural forms and colours of the sea, where the mineral once came from, as if the sea had returned again in a new permanent form.”


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Carlo Brandelli

Since his Squire Gallery in the mid’ 1990‘s, Carlo has always worked in a creatively open and multi- disciplined way, […]

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Specifications of the artwork

Dimensions 40 cm

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