Banc noir / Black bench

By Kaspar Hamacher

Chêne massif sculpté par le feu
/Fire sculpted solid oak
120 x 45 cm

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Chiseled Sofa

Kaspar Hamacher, 2017, Sofa in solid beech : 200 x 65 x 65 cm


Solid oak
Available in bespoke dimensions

La Paix

Kaspar Hamacher, 2017, Two fire-sculpted stools in solid oak, 80 x 35 cm

The Baumbank

Bench, Ein-Baum’ in solid beech
230 x 30 x 36 cm


Kaspar Hamacher, 2017, Bench, Solid beech, 110 x 77 cm

Hamacher Kaspar

Artist, sculptor, designer with a degree from the Academie Beeldende Kunsten in Maastricht, the Netherlands, Kaspar Hamacher takes nature as the starting point in his day-to-day life as a sculptor and a designer of artistic furniture.

Ausgebrannt Stools

Kaspar Hamacher, 2017, Stools in Fired solid oak, Available in bespoke dimensions

Six Shelves

Kaspar Hamacher, 2017, Solid oak, 220 x 30 cm


Unique fire-sculpted pieces in Douglas fir
Available in bespoke dimensions (150 – 300 cm H.) up to 10 m high on request

Indoor / Outdoor Slice

Kaspar Hamacher, 2017, Bench or Low Table in fire sculpted solid Douglas fir : 200 length x 70 width x 25 cm height

Der Stein in solid oak

Kaspar Hamacher, Der Stein in solid oak (flat top): 105 length x 70 width x 35 cm height

Ausgebrannt Sideboard

Kaspar Hamacher, 2017, Bench or Sideboard in fire sculpted solid oak : 153 length x 52 width x 50 cm height

Oval Table

Kaspar Hamacher, 2017, Solid walnut, 230 x 30 x 36 cm


Kaspar Hamacher, 2017, Bench in fire sculpted solid beech, Available in bespoke dimensions.

Das Brett

Kaspar Hamacher, 2017, Unique Shelf, Solid oak, 200 x 24 cm

The Desk

Fire sculpted solid beech
160 x 75 cm

The Bird Fish

Kaspar Hamacher, 2017, Solid oak or stone, Available in bespoke dimensions

Der Stein in solid walnut

Kaspar Hamacher, Der Stein in solid walnut (light round top) : 102 length x 70 width x 26 cm height