by Kustaa Saksi

Collection: First Symptoms
Jacquard Weave
170 x 250 cm
Mohair, Wool, Cotton Velvet, Acrylic
Edition of 6

First Symptoms is the new cycle of 6 woven tapestries in size approx 170 x 250 cm, mixed media in silk, mohair, rubberized cotton, cashmere wool, transparent polyester film, velvet, etc. They were first exhibited at the Finnish Institute in Stockholm in February 2019 before moving to Brussels.

Being a lifetime sufferer, Kustaa Saksi is using Migraine as a source of inspiration : Prodrome, Aura, Attack, Post-drome, Visual Delusions. As he states about this new series of art works : “You can discover as iconography transparent oriental rugs, but infinitely small, plastic filigreed spherical objets d’art like radiolaria, wallpaper designs, cobweb-like figures or concentric circles and squares, architectural forms, buttresses, rosettes, leafwork, fretwork.”

“What we can say, in general terms, is that these hallucinations reflect the minute anatomical organization, the cytoarchitecture, of the primary visual cortex, including its columnar structure — and the ways in which the activity of millions of nerve cells organizes itself to produce complex and ever-changing patterns. We can actually see, through such hallucinations, something of the dynamics of a large population of living nerve cells and, in particular, the role of what mathematicians term deterministic chaos in allowing complex patterns of activity to emerge throughout the visual cortex. This activity operates at a basic cellular level, far beneath the level of personal experience. They are archetypes, in a way, universals of human experience.”
Oliver Sacks, Neurologist




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Kustaa Saksi

The Amsterdam-based Finnish graphic storyteller, textile artist and designer Kustaa Saksi creates and innovates with the Jacquard weave, generating all […]

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