Glass is Tomorrow: Novy Bor

February 2012
Designers: Bystro Design – Dagmar Pankova & Léos Smejkal, Pierre Favresse, Mendel Heit, Klára Horáčková, Wing lam Kwok, Arik Levy, V8 – Pierre Bindreiff & Sébastien Geissert, Maxim Velčovský
Glassblowers: Ajeto / Lasvit Blowers, Róisín Buitléar, CIAV Blowers, CIV Blowers, Matteo Gonet, Sébastien Maurer, Jean-Marc-Schilt, Martin Štefánek, Verreum Blowers, Jeremy Wintrebert
Partners: Verreum
The current Glass School was inaugurated on 1 January 2004, merging the two historical Nový Bor glass schools, whose origins date back to 1763. The school offers Czech students a secondary and higher professional education in glass blowing, engraving, cutting, faceting, painting and staining glass. It provides facilities to organise workshops for both foreign and Czech participants with the same techniques listed above. In Nový Bor, Ajeto glassworks has opened it own gallery, museum and restaurant in order to welcome more visitors and forge cultural exchanges in Europe and across the globe.
Silvered glass (also known as mercury glass) corresponds to a double-walled glass-technique employing a silver coating between both surfaces. A silver liquid is poured within this cavity through an opening and subsequently adheres to both walls, creating an opaque, mirrored effect. The residue is drained out, the inside dried and the opening sealed.