Glass is Tomorrow: Denizli


October 2014

Designer: Autoban – Seyhan Özdemir & Sefer Çağlar, Nigel Coates, Sinem Halli, Benjamin Hubert, Sevgi Kes, Tomas Kral, Tamer Nakisci, Studio Rygalik – Gosia & Tomek Rygalik

Glassblowers: Şevki Bayka Master Team, Vincent Breed, Marika Kinnunen, Clément Le Mener, Ramazan Master Team, Ali Master Team

One of the most established enterprises in Turkey, Şişecam Group is a global actor in business fields including all main areas of glass, flat glass, glassware, glass packaging and fiberglass, as well as soda and chrome compounds. Sisecam, 2nd largest glassware, 3rd largest flat glass and 4th largest glass packaging manufacturer in Europe in terms of production capacity, has manufacturing activities in Turkey, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Russian Federation, Georgia, Ukraine, Egypt and India. An international Group with an experience of 79 years, more than 20.000 employees, manufacturing activities in 13 countries and sales in 150 countries, Şişecam aims at becoming one of the three largest global manufacturers in line with its vision for 2020. Nude is the first global brand of Şişecam Group. It is the one and only contemporary and fresh glass brand born these days. By aiming at improving our living spaces by experimenting in all senses through form, function and material –, Nude seeks to create outstanding solutions for people who want a life less ordinary. It stands out with its special design objects created by top designers in Turkey and the world including Ron Arad, Pentagon Design, Rony Plesl, Alejandro Ruiz, Alev Ebuzziya Siesbye, Erdem Akan, Ali Bakova and more.
With Turkish hospitality and art-de-vivre central in Glass is Tomorrow’s collaborated with Nude, theme of the Light/House was deciphered as a metaphor for the Bosphorus and the role that Istanbul plays between east and west. Lighting and tableware are at the very essence of modern Turkish living and the culture’s global identity. Such was the theme that a group of international and Turkish designers explored during Glass is Tomorrow’s Denizli workshop. While the idea of a Light/House refers to both a tower and lantern-like structure – emitting light through a complex system of lamps and lenses as to guide boats through inland waterways at night. In the same token, the concept allows for enlightened ideas about future living – a composition of elements manifested in vessels, glassware, decorative items, open to new typologies.