Lake Como Design Fair – Solo Show

Garnier & Linker

20/09/2019 — 22/09/2019

Spazio Nobile is pleased to invite you to the opening of Lake Como Design Fair, which happens on Thursday 19 September at Teotro del Broletto (focus architecture) and Sale del Ridotto, Teatro Sociale Como (focus design), Via Bellini 1 in Como, Italy. The gallery will unveil and exhibit 4 new “Diatomée” molten glass vases by Garnier & Linker, a limited edition of 20 per color. Each vase is unique and handmade in France by the glass master Olivier Fonderflick.

Guillaume Garnier and Florent Linker are two French creators based in Paris. They aim at giving a contemporary design to rare materials and savoirfaire. All pieces are handmade unique or limited editions by French master craftsmen. As designers, they get their inspiration from decorative arts and sculpture, to create pure-shaped forms revealing their materiality. With their background in interior design, they conceive functional objects that meet contemporary interiors of enlightened collectors who seek art and design collectibles with a soul. They have created two singular collections for Spazio Nobile in Brussels, one is the «Parisis» lamps in plaster and alabaster and, another one is the molten glass «Diatomée» Sculpted Vases which appear like diatoms that are single-celled algae that live in houses made of glass. Inspired by these light-absorbing molecules which are the only organism on the planet with cell walls composed of transparent, opaline silica, they are ornamented by intricate and striking patterns of silica. On earth, diatoms are bringing us up to 50% of our oxygen and also feed the oceans, lakes and rivers. For Lake Como Design Fair, Garnier & Linker and Spazio Nobile have experimented this fascinating lost-wax casting technique mastered by French glass master Olivier Fonderflick with four new colors – violine grey, lime, citrin, electric blue. Each vase is unique in a color series of 20 per vase. Other existing colors are light blue, pink, green, clear transparent and amber.

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