Design Curio A New Layer Taiwan at Design Miami/Basel, 12-17 June 2018

— April, 25 2018



Led by NTCRI (National Taiwanese Craft Research and Development Institute), A New Layer Taiwan aims to foster new partnerships between international designers and Taiwanese craftsmen. From 2012-2016, A New Layer I was led by the Swedish designer Matti Klenell with TAF Architects, Stina Löfgren and Carina Seth Andersson. In 2017-18, the project has moved into its second phase of research and development: “A New Layer II: Crafting Identities / Design Stories from Taiwan“. In order to transform traditional Taiwanese craftsmanship products into contemporary design objects and furniture, the NTCRI invited Belgium-based curator Lise Coirier as Art Director and 7 internationally based designers from France, Germany, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, and Switzerland to Taiwan to work with some of the most talented local craftspeople on the island.


Scenography by Julie Richoz.

Six projects have been completed:

– The New Koji by Anton Alvarez (Sweden), Zhong-Zheng Chen and Chi-Li Hsiao (Taiwan), which revisits the classical forms presented in the traditional Koji pottery.

– The Bamboo Chair by Jin Kuramoto (Japan) and Jian Cheng Lin (Taiwan), which combines both the handmade bamboo bending process with the natural indigo-dying technique normally applied to textiles.

The Animal Modeling Flower Containers by Jin Kuramoto (Japan)  & Zhong Jian-Fu + Clay+art & craft co. (Taiwan)

– The Cong Collection by Julie Richoz (Switzerland/France) and Chin-Mei Huang (Taiwan), lacquerware inspired by a Cong vase at held in the collection of the National Palace Museum.

– The Bridge Bamboo Bench by Sebastian Herkner (Germany) and Ming-An Wu (Taiwan), a technique-testing project inspired by the colorful steel bridges dotted across Taiwan.

– The Clay Table by Wonmin Park (Korea) and Wen-Yi Kung (Taiwan), and Chin-Mei Huang  (Taiwan).

– The Fruit Tower by BCXSY– Boaz Cohen & Sayaka Yamamoto (Israel/Netherlands – Japan) and Jian-Fu Zhong (Taiwan), and Wen-Yi, Kung (Taiwan).


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