Through the Looking-glass II

by Audrey Guttman

collage on paper
69 x 50,5 cm, framed in oak and museum glass unique piece

“Nothing is lost, everything is transformed” : the collage process can sometimes seem to be a playful cousin of Lavoisier’s law of chemistry. What is a mass that can neither be created nor destroyed, anyway? Is it the invisible part of an image? Is it, perhaps, poetry – the color’s innocent joy, untarnished by the need to sell that which it serves to highlight?

In the studio, piles of magazines become trays of images become heaps of remnants become new lines of thought, new echoes and meanings. Even the tiniest variations in this alchemical process can lead to entirely new perspectives on what collage is, does, and can do. For that very reason, collage is a metaphor for life: it is pulsatingly alive, and never ceases to be.

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About the artist

Audrey Guttman

Audrey Guttman (b. 1987, Brussels) is a Belgian multidisciplinary artist whose research-based practice examines our relationship with images, both material […]

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