by Heikki Viinikainen

hand blown glass
21 x 13 x 8,5 cm



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Bastone Cabinet Black

Bastone Collection, designed by Antrei Hartikainen for Poiat solid oak, black
160 x 120 x 50 cm

Heikki Viinikainen

Designer Heikki Viinikainen (b. 1978) studied ceramics and glass design in Kuopio Academy of Design and graduated in 2010. After his graduation he moved to Nuutajärvi Glass Village and founded his own Designstudio Studio Heikki Viinikainen.


hand blown glass
24 x 11 x 11 cm


Hartikainen Antrei

Antrei Hartikainen (b. 1991) is a master cabinetmaker and designer from Finland known for his exquisite works in wood. The award- winning pieces, including functional products and pure art works, achieve heights of sensuality,

Laine Laura

Laura Laine (born 1983) is a Helsinki based visual artist and illustrator with her own distinct and recognizable style.
She has been working with glass since 2013 in Finland, Holland and Czech Republic,