Filigree White

by Philipp Weber
  SALON - NY 2023
  SALON - NY 2023

Pendant Lights
Hand blown glass lighting chandeliers Various dimensions
Each glass element is unique

Weber presents his vision of glass and lighting, launching a new bespoke lighting collection for the gallery, Filigree, with grotesque black and refined white canes. The filigrana style originated on the island of Murano in the mid-16th century and spread rapidly to other parts of Europe where the façon de Venise glass was produced. This project falls perfectly in line with Spazio Nobile’s long-running interest in glass and its project, Glass is Tomorrow.

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About the artist

Philipp Weber

German creative Philipp Weber’s holistic methodology melds his keen craft-led sensibility and affinity for humanism. Unaffected by the saturated trends […]

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