Christmas balls

CIAV Meisenthal

Design Nocc Studio (F), Mix: Mendel Heit Design Lab (F), Cumulus: Thibaut Allgayer (F), Vroum: Studio Monsieur (F), Silex: V8 Designers (F), Helium: Design Philippe Riehling (F), Tilt: Limited edition of six clear and silvered Christmas balls free blown at CIAV, 2016.
limited edition for Spazio Nobile



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La Quête

Serge Leblon, 2020
Dibond print – Framed and signed by the artist
Format photo: 60 x 40cm
With frame: 65 x 45cm
Ed. 5 + 2 AP

Luca Guadagnino: Timeless Necessity

Luca Guadagnino’s movies are refined pieces of cinematography conceived by a great cinema lover who defies banality with the production of contemporary classics. Formafantasma’s Simone Farresin and Andrea Trimarchi interview the Italian filmmaker.

Hallerbos II

Diptych, wet plate collodion, tintypes
33 x 51 cm framed
Signature engraved bythe artist on the back of the plates


CIAV & HFG Karlsruhe – Studio Aisslinger / CIAV Meisenthal-France 2012
blown glass vase
Ø 16 x 20 cm

Peacock [Pavo exosceletus]

Limited edition with 10+2 artist’s proofs. Each picture has a unique size. Framed as an American box with a engraved brass plate. Chromogenic print (C-Print) on HR Ilfoflex Prestige paper.

Available edition: 4/10


Since April 2016, Spazio Nobile (Brussels, BE) has highlighted expertise in design and the applied arts as well as in photography exhibiting collectible pieces, limited editions and one-of-a-kind experiences;

View From A Flemish Window

Inkjet print on fine art rag paper mounted on dibond with anti-reflective art glass 70% UV resistant in aluminium frame
18,7 x 30,6 cm framed
Signed and dated
Edition of 5 + 2 A.P.

Max 01

solid oak
50 x 50 x 75 cm


watercolor on Japanese paper,
framed and signed by the artist
20 x 30 cm
unique piece

Holy Handmade by Wallpaper

Themes of worship, ritual and the communal blessed the annual Wallpaper Handmade initiative to stimulate and reify craftsmanship.

Kelly Hoppen Home in Shanghai

British interior designer Kelly Hoppen relaunches 100 pieces in a retrospective collection reinvigorated with sumptuous materials and finishes.

Joseph Kosuth Reworks Ovid

The American artist honours the work of the poet Ovid with repurposed texts in the installation ‘Maxima Proposito’ at Vistamare in Pescara

Sun and Night by Aya Kawabata

Aya Kawabata had won the award for Best New Talent at DMY Berlin, having seen her remarkable textiles, “Sun” and “Night”, for her remarkable textiles, “Sun” and “Night”.

Sphere L

Fire sculpted Douglas pine
ø 80 cm
Unique Piecestamped by the artist

Brown-Cheeked Hornbill [Bycanistes attractivus]

Limited edition with 10+2 artist’s proofs. Each picture has a unique size. Framed as an American box with a engraved brass plate. Chromogenic print (C-Print) on HR Ilfoflex Prestige paper.
Available edition: 2/10

Le Printemps

Vaux le Vicomte,
photograph, wet collodion, ferrotype,
pigment print on cotton paper
60 x 45 cm
signed and dated
edition 1/8 + 2AP

The Baumbank

Bench, Ein-Baum’ in solid beech
230 x 30 x 36 cm

The Neolithic Collection

Jin Kuramoto & Zhongyi Industry Co. Ltd, Clay + art & craft co.
Vase, container
Shaped, casted and low fired ceramics
25 x 17,5 x 23 cm

Chiseled Black Bench

fire sculpted chiseled solid oak
42 x 260 x 35 cm
unique piece



Diatomée Neutral Grey

2018 – 2020
lost-wax molten glass
for Spazio Nobile
approx. 28 x 10 x 10cm
ed. of 20 + 2AP in each color unique piece random collection

Diatomée Pink

2018 – 2020
lost-wax molten glass
for Spazio Nobile
approx. 28 x 10 x 10cm
ed. of 20 + 2AP in each color unique piece random collection

TLmag Istanbul

Istanbul – Emerging as a Centre of Design and Lifestyle

Stunning photography reveals Istanbul, its hidden know-how, treasures, impressive atmosphere and its design-led scene. Much more than a city guide, this edition offers an inspiring tour of Istanbul,

Weber Philipp

German creative Philipp Weber’s holistic methodology melds his keen craft-led sensibility and affinity for humanism. Unaffected by the saturated trends that drive the design industry, the young designer delves deep into different subject matter.


Corten steel
40 x 30 x 30 cm
2/3 + 2 A.P.

Vaas Rood

Piet Stockmans
porcelain with glazed gold leaf
20 x ø 20 cm


CIAV Meisenthal-France, 2017
blown glass
approx. 80 mm

Talisman by IN Residence

Celebrating IN Residence’s 10th anniversary, 45 designers have created a talisman to be exhibited and auctioned at Atelier Clerici during Milan Design Week.


Wästberg is proudly reintroducing the U-Line lamps designed by late Belgian designer Maarten Van Severen. The reintroduction was made possible by close collaboration with both Maarten’s family and The Maarten Van Severen Foundation.

Workshop: Co-Creation in Belgrade

on Vimeo. We are getting ready for the festive season with a real treat in Belgrade. Here in Serbia the Human Cities partners are the Belgrade Design Week and they have gathered local partners around a table to discuss public space city wide.

Babin Ferréol

Ferréol Babin was born in 1987. After receiving his first diploma from ENSA in Dijon, he added the Nagoya University of Art & Design in Japan. On his return to France,

Igshaan Adams, Personal Devotion

Cape Town-based, multi-disciplinary artist, Igshaan Adams, expresses and unpacks his identity – race, religion and sexuality – through his art. In ritualistic performances and through…

Hanging Loose

Collection: Reveille Jacquard Weave
Mohair Wool, Acryl, Lurex
86 x 168 cm
Edition of 8


lounge chair
naturally dyed sheepskin quilts
80 x 200 cm


Created with blowers from Saint-Just Team. Free blown glass, 2014

Orb 1 & 2

hand blown glass by Emil Kovac and Aleš Vacek, silvered inside, cold cut and assembled
ø 50 cm
unique piece, signed by the artist

Mountain View In Progress

Light Box
Lambda print on plexi 4mm in natural oak frame, with Led light, dimmer and 300cm wire
101 x 68 x 15 cm
Signed and numbered
Edition of 3 + 2 A.P.


12 framed drawing + 10 unframed 2017
ink on paper
13,5 x 16,5 cm
unique pieces

Philipp Weber at Crystallized and Milan

Surfacing the emotions embedded in industrial processes is what inspires Philipp Weber, showing at Spazio Nobile’s Crystallized and 5Vie’s Piazza Gorani.

François Daireaux’s Blow Firozabad Bangles

Daireaux’s solo exhibition at the mudac Lausanne reveals the singular but universal artistic vision through his comings and goings between the glassmaking cities of Firozabad and Meisenthal

Three-Fold Fires

Safran sur papier indien
/Saffron on Indian paper
75 x 56 cm

Céline d’Aoust: Heart of Stones

Generous, elegant and inspiring, this jewellery designer, who spends half the year in Jaipur, Indic, tells us about the close connection she has forged with her adopted country, as well as the outlines of the brand she has lovingly constructed.

Echinus Gold

squeezed molten glass,
sculptural vase
ø 22 cm
unique piece

Guerlain Boutique in Brussels

French perfumer Guerlain’s new luxury boutiques are about creating a completely bespoke fragrance and bottle for every customer.

Antonio Lampecco in Crystallized

For Antonio Lampecco, showing in the Crystallized exhibition at Spazio Nobile in Brussels until April 15, craftsmanship is a form of love.


Collection: First Symptoms
Jacquard Weave
170 x 250 cm
Alpaca, Mohair, Cotton Velvet, Wool, Acrylic
Edition of 6
First Symptoms is the new cycle of 6 woven tapestries in size approx 170 x 250 cm,


Kaspar Hamacher, 2017, Bench in fire sculpted solid beech, Available in bespoke dimensions.

Chez Albert – Marseille

Chez Albert Chez Albert project is carried out on a proposal of La Semeuse in the context of a residence at the Laboratoires d’ Aubervilliers. Key actors Main promoters: – Yes We Camp was born during the Camping Marseille 2013 project (an artistic and alternative project of ephemeral base camp that was built in 2013 […]

Houses for Superstars: Hypermediated Architecture

If you could build a house for any celebrity, who would you pick? Villa Noailles most recent exhibition focuses on the conceptual constructions born from collaborations between (star) architects and celebrities.

Lisää kaupunkia Helsinkiin – Helsinki

Lisää kaupunkia Helsinkiin – More city to Helsinki In 2009 Mikko Särelä started a group on Facebook called Lisää kaupunkia Helsinkiin. The aim was to create an easily approachable forum for people with the same interest,