Toch Adi

Adi Toch explores the visual language of metal through colour, movement, sound and tactility. She makes engaging objects that investigate the embodiment of vessels and containers. Beginning with a flat sheet, Adi forms and fabricates the metal into hollow forms. She creates unique surfaces through texturing, colouring and patination. Her work is exhibited internationally and included in major public collections such as The Victoria and Albert museum in London, National Museums Scotland, National Museum of Wales and The Jewish Museum New York. Adi has won prestigious awards including a Gold Award from The Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council UK. In 2017, she was shortlisted for The Loewe Craft Prize and won a Wallpaper* Design Award. She  won the 2018 European Prize for Applied Arts in Mons, Belgium. Spazio Nobile represents Adi Toch since 2018. Toch likes to talk about her fascination with sound, how it’s incorporated itself within her work, the essence of performativity embedded in her practice and creating objects that intentionally “misbehave”. She describes Whispering Vessels “ as a series of objects that sits somewhere between domestic vessels like bowls to percussion instruments. Each hollow, double-layered vessel contains loose gemstones and produces different sounds when being handled. Metal reacts to touch and temperature as well as having sonic and reflective qualities, and these characteristics inform my making. I make objects that engage the viewer through a sensorial experience through play in perception, movement or investigation of embodied experience. ”