Alexandre Chary


In the mid 1990s, Alexandre started his professional journey when globalization was still at an early stage. With this evolution he realized that our generation had access to a new universe of information, that we could change country, jobs, style, lives by a simple click. We entered what he called the « remote control society ». It gave him sense of curiosity and adventure, the means to explore his dreams but it also raised a big question. How do you keep consumers happy in a world so full of new temptations? How do you make sure they come back to you? In 1999, his answer to this question and he founded Prometheus Light & Glass, a company dedicated to creating custom made lighting fixtures for hotels, casinos, and restaurants around the globe. The concept was to craft unique lamps and chandeliers for each project because each customer has his own identity and wants to feel exclusive.Through these years he worked with world-renowned talents (Jacques Garcia, Sybille de Margerie, Patrick Jouin, Sir Terence Conran…) who gave him the opportunity to develop his creative vision on Landmark projects and pushed him toward expending his design range into furniture and interior design. Today he spends his time between France and China in order to fulfil his vision of a new approach in design. He is collaborating with various design groups, artists and craftsmen on both sides of the world and has started to work on bespoke collections for Spazio Nobile.

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