Alain Gilles

Brussels-born Alain Gilles typifies a sense of rationalized forms and subtle humour inherent in contemporary Belgian design. Founding his practice in 2007, after years working in the financial sector, the designer has since worked with major ‘editors’ like Galerie Gosserez Paris, Magnitude, O’Sun, La Chance and Casamania. Some of his most iconic pieces have garnered accolades such as the prestigious Henry Van de Velde Label. In 2012, Gilles was named Designer of the Year by the hallowed Biennale Interieur. Developed for innovative Czech glassworks Verreum, Chubby employs the age-old technique of silvered-glass to profile the anthropomorphically-shaped stool. The uncommon combination of a curvaceous form, glass on such a large scale and upholstered fabric is intended to evoke a new level of warmth or comfort; not to mention the transformation of material. The base glass element works to reflect its surroundings while the upholstered seat ensure a sense of security.

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